Strips (6 pieces)

Only your favorite taste and nothing else. Extremely soft chicken fillet hand-breaded in spicy or original taste and cooked in the restaurant according to Colonel Sanders’ unique recipe. Perfect taste!

Energy value table (xlsx)

1100 KZT

The data on nutrition and energy value, presented in the table, are based on the laboratory research data, technical-and-flow process charts and data on nutrition value obtained from suppliers. The differences in portion sizes, as well as the regional and seasonal variations may influence the nutrition value of each product of the menu. The formula of dishes may change periodically. The information is provided on the basis of the current menu and is variable without prior notice. The appearance of the ultimate product can vary from the image in a picture.

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* Nutrition facts and caloric content provided in the Table are based on the laboratory studies, the process monitoring sheets, and the nutrition facts received from suppliers. Difference in size of portions, as well as regional and seasonal differences may affect the nutrition value of every dish of the menu.

Dish recipes may be changed on a periodic basis. The information is provided on the basis of the current menu and may be amended without prior notice.